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House Cleaning

Royal HCS Residential & Commercial Cleaning Service,

Carpet, Rug, Upholstery and Maid House Cleaning.

Chicago Land Homeowners' have busy lifestyles, finding time to maintain a clean home or office can be more challenging than ever. Fortunately for clients of Royal's House Cleaning service and Maids are standing by to take care of both your regular and one-time home or office cleaning needs so you don’t have to. Imagine coming home after a long day at work and finding your residence sparkling clean without having to lift a finger to get it that way. Wouldn't be nice to walk in to a clean office. Your customers notice clean bath rooms Clean carpet or dust and dirt.. 


House Cleaning Mirror Cleaning

Whether you are moving in or out or just want a weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning, our maid service professionals will have your recurring cleaning needs covered.

We Clean Carpet Too

We offer two methods: hot water extraction, or steam with anti-bacterial solution.  Most people clean their carpets with only detergent, which leaves your carpet open to gum-up.  And most other companies charge extra to pre-treat. We do not. Pre-treating is the first thing we do.  Then we clean your carpet with rinse neutralizer and deodorizer.   We also pre-treat spots and traffic patterns for free, and we off Scotchgard™  to keep your carpet looking good and clean for a long time.

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Royal Carpet Steam Cleaning Special

Carpet Cleaning

Royal Has The Experience To Clean Carpet In Churches, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Houses And Schools With 300 Foot If Hose Form Our Trailer, Or Portable Scrubbers And Steam Cleaning Vacuums To Clean Upper-Level Condo Buildings.

Coupon $25 OFF Carpet Cleaning!

Schedule your carpet cleaning appointment today with confidence.  Pricing includes pre-treatment, soil removal, and traffic area cleaners.

No hidden charges! State-of-the-art technology produces amazing results.

This coupon is good for $25.00 off regularly priced items only. Offer applies to total qualifying purchase on a single sales receipt for the date specified. Not good in combination with any other coupons or offers. We use this coupon when bidding over the phone.

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Powerful, trailer-mounted service
Powerful, Portable condo vacuum
Speed dry system (2-3 hours)
No harsh chemicals left in the carpet
Deep cleans traffic area
Guaranteed pet odor removal
Friendly, certified technicians
On time arrival windows
Speed dry system (2-3 hours)

We offer a variety of specialized wall to wall treatment and techniques:

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning (Green, eco-friendly carpet cleaning products)
  • Pre-spray treatment for high traffic areas

Carpet Stain Removal Including:

  • Carpet pet urine and odors removal
  • Rust
  • Gum, tar Oil and grease
  • Wine and caffeine
  • Bloodstains
  • Carpet odor removal
  • Carpet deodorizing
  • Carpet sanitizing
  • Carpet stain protector Scotchguard

This months SALE Orice:  Carpet steam cleaning special with duct cleaning $0.50 per square foot. $199 Min. 15 miles around 60172 zip code
Additional detergent for heavy soiled carpet. Add $99.00
Scotchgard $99.00
Stairs $5 per step.
Couch $199
Sectional $299
Large stuffed chair $90
Office or dining room chair $15
Rugs cannot be cleaned must be taken to dry cleaners.
This is for residential only.
Commercial jobs are $0.50 a square foot floor mats are included.
$199 Min. 15 miles around 60172 zip code

 CALL TOLL FREE 1-877-656-6444


Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Package:

- Pretreat traffic lane & spots with 2 part mix, citrus and ultra pac

- Rinse with pH neutralizer

- Includes free deodorizer

- Minimum 300 square foot

- .50 per square foot. $199 Min. 15 miles around 60172 zip code

Value Carpet Cleaning Package:

- Pretreat traffic lane & spots with 1 part mix, grand slam pre-conditioner

- Rinse with pH neutralizer

- Free deodorizing

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As a Rebate, Thank You, This Month, We will email out up to $300 worth of Links for coupons from local stores Like Walmart, Jewel, Target, and Pizza Hut within 24 hours of every paid job.

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