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Platinum Package


If your ducts are very dirty or If you have just done construction to your house this
Platinum Package is the best cleaning: 
Generally duct cleaning is to remove dust and dirt. If you have sawdust and drywall dust.
This is the best package to pick for a super clean house. Heavy Duty & Best Power Brushing From room to Furnace & Bower Brushing Back in Trunk Lines is the Most Aggressive Cleaning Method up to an addional hour more than the platinum package takes of hand brushing & hand wiping down the furnace and blower box and wheel. Hand clean the return veritable plenum and filter box. Detail brush and hand wipe out the wall and floor duct boots. Brush, blow out and hand vacuum all components of the furnace.

The first thing we do is we do is we put on our shoe boot covers and put down our clean floor pads, followed by a walk-through with you to locate all of the return and the supply vents. Next, we will ask you to authorize the work to be performed in your home and we will proceed to bring in our tools, Then we will start the whole process on the top floor and then proceed to the main floor finishing up in the furnace room. (The return and Supply vents must be accessible and will need to be opened for the technician to clean them out), Next, we will locate the furnace and the access window to bring in the hose in, which will connect our vacuum to the existing clean-out doors that were installed during your furnace system installation, if no doors were installed. with this package, we will install 2 of them for free. Then we will vacuum and remove all of the wall vent covers. The vents must be removable. If any of the wall vents are painted to the walls, Or to the floor this is not normal. You might want to cut around the vents to remove them ahead of time, We will reinstall them for you after we clean the ducts. These should be removed every year and run through your dishwasher to kill germs. (Vents must be dry before reinstalling them or the water will damage the walls). Vents can be painted, but paint made for metal should be used by a painter or Home Depot can match your wall paint, with paint made for metal like Rust-Oleum® brand paint. If you would like to add the *labor of cutting off the vents to the duct cleaning labor we can do them for you, it is an extra fee. We will then proceeded to run power brushes in all of the return vents and vacuum the Cover grills followed up by the use of a forced air blower to dislodge any remaining fine dust in the corners of the ducts.
Supply Boots can be *wiped down if needed for an additional fee (Ie. Drywall dust).
We will vacuum your furnace filter and put it back in. we will recommend waiting a week before replacing your filter because over the next 5 days we are expecting some dust to rush into the filter after the ducts have been clean.
*A sanitizing / deodorizer application will be recommended by your technician help to maintain the ducts staying clean for the next 2 years at an additional fee, you can always schedule a basic cleaning package to keep the ducts clean every year or two.
Royal does not move heavy furniture ie fish tanks, China or bookcases & cabinets. (Movers should be hired)

Don't forget your DRYER vent, Ask your technician for an estimate to ensure a safe and efficient drying experience. (*The vent cover should be replaced regularly)

Is your Family experiencing allergies? Ask our technician,  About our ultraviolet light system and electrostatic furnace filter.

Electrostatic filters come with a lifetime warranty.

*We charge Per Furnace, With unlimited vents up to a 42000 BTU Air Conditioner. Add labor for jobs larger than 42000 BTU.
Ask about our discounted 2nd. floor duct cleaning package #AA2B
The building to be worked on must have power And lights Or we can rent a generator at an additional cost. 24-hour advance notice is needed so we can reserve the generator.
*2nd and 3rd furnaces/systems are an additional package.
*This package is on sale. Regularly $699 per system on sale until the end of the month $599

Optional items are:

•*Deodorize and Disinfect the supply and return lines.

• *Labor to cut vents that are painted on to the walls, floors or ceiling is $7.00 each.

• *Additional clean-out doors can be added @$50 each.

• *Add $100 labor for jobs larger than 42000 BTU.

• *Rent a generator at an additional cost of $250.00 per day.

• *Painted vent removal labor $7.00 per vent.

• *Wipeout supply boots with dust inhibitor, White towel. $5.00 per vent.

• * Dryer vent cover replacement estimate $10 to $15 (*The vent cover should be replaced regularly)

Check our website for coupons under the "Specials" tab

Priced per furnace unlimited vents. This package comes with a warranty.

All work is C.O.D. unless prior arrangements have been made. A deposit is required to place an order. 48 hours is required to cancel an appt. less time forfeits the deposit. Rescheduling does not forfeit the deposit, But it is not refundable. We use Paypal to finance jobs. Rev.# 5.3.18


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