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Gift Card

$99 Gift Card For a Basic Cleaning

A gift card can only be purchased by an existing customer who has had in-home service by us.
The processes of cleaning for a basic cleaning is to hook up our vacuum to your air duct and then start up our vacuum.
While the vacuum is running, we will do a 15-minute inspection & consultation of your system.


 To redeem your coupon, Enter the promotion code on the above for then click on the submit button.
A customer service rep will call you to set up your appointment,
Once a coupon is redeemed, You have 30 days to use it. Coupon has no cash value, limit 1 per household, Subject to trip charge,
Can not be combined with other offers or sales, Not valid for furnaces located in attics and crawlspaces.
Air ducts that have not been clean within 3 years might need our platinum package to come clean.
You may pay the difference between the value of the gift you received and the additional cost of the platinum cleaning package.
Call our customer hot line for help 1-630-861-9800

As a Rebate, Thank You, This Month, We will email out up to $300 worth of Links for coupons from local stores Like Walmart, Jewel, Target, and Pizza Hut within 24 hours of every paid job.

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