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Commercial Services

Welcome To Royal Home Comfort Services, Commercial Information Page.
We Are Chicago Lands Premier Provider Of Commercial Building Carpet Cleaning. Our Goal Is To Provide The Very Best In Cleaning Services. Because Our Quality Control Standards Are High And Our Toughly Trained Personnel Are Among The Best In The Business.

We Are Able To Deliver Our Goal, Which Is, To Always Deliver Timely High Quality Service.

ROYAL provides a "one-stop" solution to all commercial cleaning needs.
We offer the experience to achieve your goals, along with a multitude of value-added services that make us truly “specialists” in our field.


Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Certified Ventilation System Inspections 
Coil Cleanings
Air Handler Refurbishment
Our Experience

Clients can be assured of the quality and professionalism of ROYALS staff and its extensive in-house resources, tailored to the unique needs of each client and project. ROYAL adopts an integrated approach by combining safety, quality, and production. You can enjoy the highest-grade workmanship with regular review of the project’s progress. Rest assured that your project would be completed on time and within budget.

Booster Fans, Condo Dryer Vent Ducts, Laundromats, Flue Vents, And Laundry Room

Condo Dryer Booster Fan  Before Cleaning Condo Dryer Vent Duct  After Cleaning Condo Dryer Vent Duct   Cleaning Dryer Vents in a condo laundry room 

Laundromat Dryer Vent Fire

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Office Carpet Cleaning  
If you have a business where you see a lot of clients or customers, you know the importance of making a positive first impression. Imagine walking into a business, and the only thing you notice is a dingy, stained, well-worn carpet to greet you! Let Royal's Carpet Cleaning help you never have that worry.

Commercial carpet cleaning is a little different from cleaning carpets in someone's home; WE STEAM CLEAN WITH ANTI-BACTERIAL SOLUTIONS. FOR THE SAME PRICE AS THE OTHERS THAT USE SOAP AND HOT WATER. (THAT GUMS UP YOUR CARPET.)

In that, the amount of traffic one sees in business is undoubtedly bigger. While Royal's Carpet Cleaning uses the same professional equipment and technology that we use in a home environment, there are other steps we take to ensure that your carpets stay fresh.
First of all, we can set up a regular cleaning for you that takes place outside of business hours.

We make sure that your carpets are dry and ready to go before the beginning of the next work day. Our goal is that no one will ever notice anything but a clean, professional carpet to greet them every day.

Royal's Carpet Cleaning can also offer suggestions to keep your carpets cleaner. For example, by simply keeping a clean entrance near the outside doors, you can minimize people bringing in dirt, sand, or grass clippings on their shoes. In our experience, we've found that the businesses that regularly have their entryway mats cleaned and replaced have much less dirt tracked in on their carpets.

In addition, daily vacuuming makes a huge difference. Following a few preventative steps means you will have to replace them less frequently, saving money in the long run.

Royal's Carpet Cleaning will arrive at your business promptly and identified with a Royal Carpet Cleaning id. We will visually assess your carpeting, identifying any areas or stains that need to be treated before we clean the entire carpet. Our friendly and polite techs will move furniture out of the way, taking every measure to prevent any damage to them.

We use the latest technology to clean your carpet quickly, and leave you to enjoy its restored beauty. One method is steam cleaning, which uses a pre-treatment cleaner that is sprayed on the carpet, and then cleaned with special equipment. Very little water is used, meaning the carpeting can be walked upon much sooner than in traditional steam cleaning.

Royal's Carpet Cleaning can also employ soft water cleaning, which is done through a hot water extractor. This high-pressure method can penetrate deep between the carpet fibers and suck the dirt right out. Royal's Carpet Cleaning recommends that commercial business owners add a protective treatment once a year that makes it harder for dirt to penetrate into the fibers.

Royal's Carpet Cleaning follows the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration [IICRC] guidelines. Business references are happily provided to you - just ask!

Schools • Food Plants • Beverage Plants • Banks • Restaurants • High Rise Buildings • Manufacturing Plants • Telecommunications

Carpet Cleaning

Because We Use Steam To Clean Your Carpet It Cost You Less And It Can Be Walked On Right Away.
Other Companies Use A Lot Of Hot Water And Soap, Which Takes A Long Time To Dry.
The Soap Gums Up The Carpet In Time.
We Clean Office Building Common Areas, Denny’s Restaurants, Churches, Day Care Centers, Funeral Homes,
H&R Block Offices And UPS Shipping Stores. We Offer Dry Cleaning For Bowling Alleys.
Our Steam Clean Cleaning Machines Use Anti-Bacterial Solvent Solution That Is Green Kid Safe.

We Offer Free Spot & Traffic Pattern Heavy Pre-Treating.

Call Today For A Free Estimate You Will Get A Coupon For Free Deodorizing.
(While Coupon Supplies Last)
We Look Forward To Doing Yours Next

1-877-656-6444 Or 1-630-861-9800 ext.# 701

We Clean The Air Ducts At O'Hare International Airport, O'Hare Airport United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines.

Duct Cleaning
Commercial Duct Cleaning is priced per unit. All smoke detectors/fire alarm should be on a test during cleaning.
We will open duct clean-out doors; if none are found, we will install a door in each trunk line. Hookup vacuum(s) gas or electric as needed, put drop cloths down to protect desks & carpet where we are working (as needed).
We clean all supply vents by vacuuming (run power brush in ducts as needed, use forced air blower as needed).
Clean all return vents by vacuuming and blowing (run power brush in ducts as needed). Includes FREE disinfecting & deodorizing. Clean desks & tables. Vacuum floor when done. Customer will supply floor vacuum,
Priced per unit unlimited vents. Royal's techs will work with customers and employees to keep a minimal
interruption to the business.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Air Flow HVAC Services

Filter & UV Lights

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Attic Insulation

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