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Royal Air Duct Cleaning, Best price duct cleaning,

Duct Cleaning Decision Guide

Here at Royal Air Duct Cleaning,

we offer several air duct cleaning services.
From forced air duct cleaning with our gas
powered vacuums to our Patented
 Royal made power duct brushing systems.
Our packages are based off of the amount
of cleaning you need.  
Choose the package that would work best for you
and your air ducts!

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The silver package (Touch up package) = Good
Yearly silver cleaning package and use for second-floor furnaces when the house has more than one furnace Sale code AA1
We hook up the vacuum while a vacuum was running we use the forced air blower in each vent and then we air wash the vent covers.

Gold package = Better
cleaning package Sale code AA2
We hook up the vacuum while the vacuum is running we use the forced air blower in each vent and then we power brush the trunk lines.

Platinum = Best
Deep and construction cleaning package Platinum Plus Sale code AA3
We hook up the vacuum and while the vacuum is running and all of the wall and floor vents are open we power brush and forced air blow all the Ducts and all the trunk lines. we also spray a dust inhibitor where the return duct meets the furnace. filter box. fan wheel assembly box and clean out the furnace.

  1. We are a family business, we don't have any employees. 
    1. All our technicians are Factory trained.
        (Others use inexperienced labor)
    2. We use high-power gasoline
        vacuums most of the time.
        (Most of our competitors use inexpensive electric vacuums)
    3. We manufacture A power brush system that we have a patent on,
        Nobody else has it. 
        (The others use a plastic whip with a 10" rubber hose that doesn't work very well.)
    4. We use forced air blowers. 
        (Others use an air compressor hooked up to their whip like you
        blow up tires on a car with)
    5. We are licensed bonded and insured.
        (Most of our competitors do not have this)

Click on any underlined word for more detailed info.

When to use this package >>>>>>>>


1st and 2nd floor furnaces. If you clean your ducts every 12 to 24 months.

Silver = Good


All floors, 100% Warranty. If its been 3-5 years last cleaned, never cleaned, just remolded.

Platinum = Better


All Floors, Post Construction Drywall Dusty Ducts or Cleaned over 5 years ago, never cleaned before 100% Warranty.

Platinum+ = Best

  Silver Package  Gold  Package Platinum Package
Forced Air Blower

+ Hand brushing furnace.

Check Filter
+ Hand wiping down the furnace.
Power Brush Trunk Lines
+ Hand wiping down
the blower box.
Brush Fan Wheel -
+ Hand wiping down
the fan.
Power Brush Ducts from
Room to Trunk Lines
+ Hand clean the return
vertical plenum.
Test Freon in Summer
+ Hand clean the
filter box
Air Wash Covers
+ Detail brush the
duct boots.
Check Blower Motor -
+ Hand wipe out
the duct boots.
Clean Furnace -
+ Brush the furnace.
Blow out the furnace.
Use Highpower Vacuum   
+ Hand Vacuum All
components of
the furnace.

All work is C.O.D. unless prior arrangements have been made.
For a Post Construction Cleaning ASK For The PLATINUM PLUS Package

Short on cash? We can spared out the payments over 6 months.
Pay in full before 6 months pay no interest.  
We have teamed up with PAY PAL FINANCING SERVICE.
Ask us for more details or
Step1. click on the package below to ad to cart.
Step 2. fill out the form
Step 3. wait about 30 minutes for approval.

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Air Duct Cleaning in Roselle, Illinois
You can have peace of mind knowing that your air duct cleaning will be performed by a duct cleaning company with a
100% satisfaction guarantee.

Royal is still family owned and we have been cleaning air ducts in the community for over 33 years. It is our goal to treat every customer as family and earning  your trust so you can recommend your family members to use us also. 
We have a cleaning system that is custom made and designed so that your air ducts will come cleaner than the “off the shelf”
systems that our competitors use.

Our fleet of 6 trucks are dispatched from the main office in Roselle, IL. We service all of Chicagoland. Currently we are being recommended by over 40 of the heating cooling company’s in the area who have found that our power brush system gets air ducts cleaner than the whip system that others still use. We have had a forced air blower system made for us and we make our own power brushes in our factory in Hoffman Estates. We use them in both our Silver Plus and Platinum packages.

*we use natural products and offer fresh air duct cleaning services.

$199 Duct Cleaning SALE This Month

For A Clean House / to remove germs and dirt, Have Royal Air Duct Cleaning in Roselle, Illinois,
Clean your vents and air ducts. Royal offers residential & commercial air duct cleaning in all
of Chicago land City and sub burbs.

Specializing in air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning for houses, town houses, condo, high-rise and businesses.

The Royal ventilation cleaning packages are an exclusive process that utilizes a negative air vacuum
and a positive air blower with a power brush system that scrapes and scours away the debris from within your air ducts,
While vacuuming all the air out of your air ducts.

The royal process is proven to be more effective than any other cleaning method. Royal’s industry superior cleaning system and methodology follows the cleaning guidelines of the national air duct cleaning association (NADCA)
yes we are a member of both Northern IL Duct Cleaners Association & Internal Association of Duct Cleaners
Our system gets your air ducts cleaner, than the any other cleaning service can.

NEED Allergy Relief? 


All furnaces come with some type of filter which is good at trapping dust and other large particulates. But you need something more, to target smaller often times more dangerous particles.

UV-C furnace air purifiers mount inside of the duct work and sterilize the air in the building as it funnels past the light. It destroys pathogens such as airborne bio-agents, viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

When installed within sight of the air conditioning coils you'll enjoy additional benefits; UV light actually help clean the coils of mold and slime that accumulate because of the damp conditions found there.

A clean furnace translates into increased energy savings as the air flows smoothly through the furnace coil.

UV Light #100 ON SALE This Month CLICK HERE For More Info

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