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Offer applies to a standard cleaning of a standard system. If additional work is needed, we will provide a written estimate. Not good in combination with any other coupons or offers. This offer cannot be combined with any sale items. Coupon must be presented before any work is started. Cannot be used with other coupons. One coupon per address. Coupon has no cash value.

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Can not be used with any jobs in progress or any previous jobs. $50@12 month
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  • Air Duct Cleaning - Dryer Vent Cleaning.
  • Air Filtering - Humidifiers - Home Comfort Services.
  • Carpet Cleaning - Heating Cooling Service.
  • Attic Blown-in Insulation - Airflow balancing.

Duct cleaning option Chart

This Months SALE Coupon Codes
#DC1 Angie / Groupon Vacuum only (Within 15 miles of Roselle 60172) $99.00
#DC2 Silver Package
#DC2A Add Return Power Brushing to Silver Package
#DC3 Silver Plus Package
#DC4 Gold Package
#DC5 Gold Plus Package
#DC6 Platinum Package
#DC6M Platinum Package

#DC7 Platinum Plus Package

Duct Cleaning
3 Packages on sale this month! SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM

A site visit estimate is required on Commercial jobs.

Priced Per Furnace, Unlimited vents.

Yearly touch up package  

Coupon #DC1 Refresh $99
 . Hook up vacuum to the supply & return ducts
. Brush the vent cover grills
. Do system inspection & cleaning evaluation
. Recommend any additional work needed

Coupon #DC2 Silver Package (Good Cleaning Package)

. Pre-work walk through duct inspection with customer
. Hand brush & airwash vent covers
. Use tech vacuum to vacuum supplies and returns
. Use high power gas vacuum & forced air blower to clean return & supply trunk lines.
. Check a/c refrigerant coolant level
. Post-work walk through job inspection with customer.

(Also use this package for a Basic 2nd. system cleaning for a 2 System House.)

Coupon #DC3 Silver Plus 
Same as Silver, with standard dryer vent cleaning

Coupon #DC4 Gold Package (Better Cleaning Package) 

. Includes all of the Silver package bullet points
and we also

. Use patented power brush system to thoroughly clean return & supply trunk lines,
using existing access panels.

Coupon #DC5 Gold Plus
Same as Gold, with standard dryer vent cleaning

Coupon #DC6 Platinum (Best Cleaning Package) 
. Includes all of the Gold package bullet points
and we also

. Remove vent covers (if not painted on)
. If no panels exist we will install up to 4 (total) for no additional charge
. Use patented power brush system to thoroughly clean all return & supply duct lines

Coupon #DC7 Platinum Plus 
Same as Platinum, with standard dryer vent cleaning

Sanitizing #199SN
After the air ducts are clean We can spray in a sanitizer this kills mold mildew
fungi yeast algae bacteria and odors. We use a spray fogger to apply
the product.
Disinfecting deodorizing #199D
This product kills germs and odors it is sprayed in with a fogger sprayer.

Dryer vent cleaning $199 over the phone sight unseen estimate.
While the dryer is running we feed our power brush system from the outside in.
The dryer vent must be no higher than 8 ft above ground.
Please add $10 - $15 to your buget to replace the vent cover. (Replace every 12-24 months)

Illinois Law is vent above 8 foot or a vent that comes out of the roof. must be cleaned by a chimney sweep.
This dryer vent cleaning maybe less with a duct cleaning the technician will need to look at it and investigate.
Additional labor May result in a higher fee after technician run Diagnostics on site.

Coil cleaning $299 minimum
The technician will open the plenum to clean the coil.
If the exhaust vent or electric has to be removed additional labor at $80 per hour May apply.
Additional expense maybe if the refrigerant line has to be cut to pull the coil.
The cost of the refrigerant is $199 per pound typical system holds 10 lb.

A new coil can be installed with the refrigerant for $1,699.00Over the phone sight unseen estimate.
Additional labor May result in a higher fee after technician run Diagnostics on site.

Clean blower fan wheel $199
The electric is disconnected the blower housing is removed from the furnace the fan wheel and motor are separated the wheel is
chemically cleaned
the blower motor is brush cleaned. It is then reassembled and installed and tested back in the furnace.
A new motor and capacitor may be installed
at an additional $298.00OOver the phone sight unseen estimate.
Additional labor May result in a higher fee after technician run Diagnostics on site.

Bathroom fan cleaning $99 for the trip charge. $45 per fan.
No trip charge if ordered with a duct cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning $199 Chicagoland Suburbs

Royal Air Duct Cleaning is a Chicago based family company that specializes in duct cleaning. When it comes to air duct cleaning in the Chicagoland area, there’s no company better for the price. Royal Air Duct Cleaning uses high powered gasoline engine vacuums, making duct cleaning a simple task. Dust in the vents can make breathing difficult for those who suffer from allergies. We make can help provide relief for those allergy sufferers. We also do air duct sanitation, attic insulation, and more! Give us a call or fill out our contact form for
more information.

Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning - Attic Blown-In Insulation

HVAC Air Flow, Air Quality, Sales & Service
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Royal Air Duct Cleaning

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Association Member of: NIDCA

Northern Illinois Duct Cleaners and HVAC Association.
This methodology follows the cleaning guidelines of
the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA)

  Member of: IADCA
Internal Association of Duct Cleaners requires its members
to us the published standards and guidelines for cleaning.

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