Silver Package

Silver Package, Good Touch-up, Light Cleaning

Works well for 2nd floor installed furnaces

  • Hook up negative air vacuum to a vent.
  • Air wash the vent covers.
  • Use forced air blower in ducts.
  • Check the furnace filter.
  • Check the blower motor on the furnace.

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Power Brushing 

Silver+ Package:

The Silver+ Package is our most affordable it is a mild cleaning of your system.
We make our own power brush System in our factory in Itasca, IL. And we have had forced air blowers made special for us. We use them in both our silver+ and Platinum packages.
First we do a walk through then we hook up our hose to a vent.
While our high power vacuum is pulling out debris we use both our forced air blower in each room vent. We run power brushes in your trunk lines from trunk end to the furnace using the 2 clean out doors that were installed at your last duct cleaning. Clean out doors can be installed for $50 each.
If you have had your air ducts cleaned in the past & need a touch up, Then this package will be perfect for you. 

Platinum Package:

The Platinum Package this is one of our most comprehensive cleaning system. While our high power vacuum is pulling out debris from the clean out door  we install 1 in each of the trunk lines, we use our forced air blower and we run power brushes in your vents from the room to the trunk line. We also run the power brushes through your trunk lines, then we clean your blower fan wheel, according to the 40 plus heating/cooling companies that use our power brushing package this gets ducts cleaner than the method other duct cleaners use.

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